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VANDIJK lawyers has been in existence since 2001. Our team is committed and our employees remain with us for long time. Our employees, and especially our secretaries, know our clients by their names. You do not have to re-introduce yourself each time.

We specialise in:

Company law, Labour law, Civil Servants law, Administrative law, Transportation law (Inland navigation), Tenancy law, Person- and Family law, Law of Inheritance and Surinamese law.

Free Consultation

Every Tuesday for “The Small and Medium Enterprises”on appointment in the afternoon from 17:30 to 20:00.

Every Tuesday for “private Individuals” from 17:30 to 19:00. The consultation is intended as a first orienting discussion of ten minutes. It is wise to announce your arrival in advance.

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VANDIJK advocaten - Een mooie carrièrestap alleen betekent niet dat een geldend concurrentiebeding niet meer zou moeten gelden 3

Monique van Dijk

Company law, Labour law, Civil Servants law

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VANDIJK advocaten - Wim Schröder 1

Wim J.G. Schröder

Persons- and family law, Law of Inheritance, Tenancy law

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VANDIJK advocaten - Ynke Ooykaas

Ynke Ooykaas

Transportation law, Law of Inland navigation, Commercial law

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Charlotte ten Hoor

Labour law, Civil Servants law, Social Security law

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VANDIJK advocaten - Jacintha Devilee

J.A. Jacintha Devilee

General practice

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One-stop-legal assistance

The companies and the (labour) laws change and VANDIJK lawyers goes with the flow. VANDIJK lawyers does not have all (legal) disciplines in-house, but we want to offer or clients one-stop-legal assistance. Since 2016, we have been collaborating with a team of specialized independent laywers and entrepreneurs. For you, as our client, that means that you have all the required specialist knowledge under one roof.